Sacred Craft – Bonzer: The Mothership


NY Surf Film Festival - Bonzer: The Mothership


EB5 - EB3 / Jones Brothers

  • Tony Paul

    Hi there

    I am a recent bonzer convert having seen Ian Goodacre riding one at Manly in the 70’s. Yep I’m 54 adn still a grom. My 12 year old recons I’m worse than he is. I was intreagued with the design but never saw another until Mike Psillakis story last year on Swellnet. I was so stoked and fast forward past heaps of reseach – I shaped myself one and couldnt believe the buzz. I’m planning another for the coming Sydney summer and wanted to ask if the Mothership
    Movie is available anywhere in Aus or the US?

    Anyhow thanks for your dedication it is an awesome concept and I’m loving the satisfaction of exploring the bonzer concept and sahping my own boards after almost 20 years.

    North Curl Curl, Sydney Australia,

    September 3, 2013


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