Peace 2009

Outside the house, a thick fog clouds and dampens the first morning of the new year. A constricted sense of sound and space help to focus my thoughts on peace for 2009. I must confess that, in a word, I’m not feeling very peaceful. Frankly I am somewhat exhausted from an eight year fit of exasperation and anger. With this in mind, I will resist the temptation to drift into philosophical musings. Instead, I will stare directly into the harsh light of practicality.

Martin Luther King once said, “silence is complicity”. “We the people” have been far too silent and docile. We have allowed the fear mongers to keep us in a state of submission. Too many of us have stood by and watched as The Bush administration shredded The Constitution, illegally wiretapped U.S. citizens, and conducted senseless wars and torture in our name. Economic ruin and environmental degradation accelerates, as the ideological maniacs lobby to keep ‘the system’ in tact. It is time to stop passively listening to those in power. Deep in our hearts and minds, we know what peace and fairness are. It is past time that we summon up some guts, and take action. We must recalibrate the system, and rid ourselves of the concept that government is the enemy. We are ‘the government’. Remember that ‘quaint’ old slogan; “A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Well, I say there’s no time like the present. The recent Presidential Election has created potential, but only potential. It is more important than ever that we apply intense pressure, and maximize this opportunity. I know it is difficult to find the time to get personally involved, but even little things add up. E-mails to Senators, the Congress, state and local officials, do make a difference. There are many people out there doing the physical work. Search out groups that are involved in things that are important to you, and contribute to them. We must make sure that all our elected officials know that we are out here; concerned and keeping tabs on them.

Our country is a work in progress. Let’s do the work, and take the steps toward manifesting a more humane, just, and peaceful society. We must refuse to allow our past missteps to define the future. It is time to take fate by the throat, and show that we have learned something from the past, thereby freeing ourselves from it’s prison of limitations.

The Campbells

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