Auction Closing Thoughts


First off, a big thanks needs to go out to everyone for all the positive responses to the auction, and especially to those who participated by either bidding on the boards or donating through t-shirt purchases. Also a thanks to Ventura Surf Shop and Thalia St. Surf Shop for having the boards on display, as well as to Moonlight Glassing for the fine and generous glasswork. All your help really meant a lot and we’re super excited to be donating a good amount to a important cause.

Speaking of amounts, we’d like to officially announce that we’ve so far raised $1600 for donation towards Water 1st International !!

So who won these two beautiful boards you’re wondering? Well sorry to say Pacific coasters, but both have left CA and will be finding permanent residences elsewhere. The Octafish-fish, which went for $900.00 even, was won by Bonzer devotee Maurizio Marchisio from Rome, Italy. The Longboard was won for $910.00 by Henry Page Nock of St. Augustine, Florida. An obvious tremendous thanks goes to the two of them for stepping up for Water 1st, and hey, getting a little something nice in return. Hope you guys enjoy the boards!

Stay tuned in to, as there will be more to come down the road. Peace!


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