Beyond Foam

Current events, Science, Philosophy, Environment, Economics, Art, Literature, Music…

In this new dimension of the Bonzer 5 universe, we will present a variety of topics and ideas. The subjects will be chosen within the context of where we are, and how we choose to evolve as a people, a species, and a planet. It is imperative in these turbulent times that we all keep our wits about us, educate ourselves, and create peaceful and imaginative solutions to the problems at hand.


10 replies on “Beyond Foam

  • j. godfrey

    history is to religion as memory is to the individual.

    if for a minute, we ponder what kind of earth-world we
    would have if the christian (military industrial-crusader complex)
    nation of the USA would renounce their roman new testamentism
    and takeup the nazorean way as perfectly taught by yahshua
    ha nazorean…..everything would look and be different….from
    birthing to living to dying….even our surfboards would have deeper soul
    reflexations and not reflect the crass materialism of monopoly capitalism,
    oligarchy and corporatocracy.

    one who understands both ends does not stick in the middle

    aloha always from malaysia, godfree

    PS hey malcolm…..via your website, all looks good…peace and love.

    riding bonzers since 1973, now southeast asia….om shanti

  • Helmethead

    “So who you Jivin’ with that cosmic debris? ( Of course the “Mayor of Malibu” hasn’t really been testifying about how proud he is to be a Catholic lately, has he?)
    P.S Mr. Godfry Ive enjoyed riding Bonzer Vehicles since 1975, but in Tahiti that year that’s all the locals wanted to ride on . Come on over to the proud Nation of 10,00 Islands and we’ll welcome you in Peace.
    Best wishes Mr. Helmet head and his Cousin Potato
    (Mr. Jacob thinks we were “not bad for geezers.”)

  • pat Lawrence

    My older brother is kind of full of medical devices like a pacemaker and 19 stents so I’m just wondering if Duncan Campbell could please explain to Malcolm that if Malcolm or some other forger could please sign a T-shirt I paid for a year ago. I know you guys already have pondered weak and weary about the “nature of the Cosmos” but if Duncan could just sign “the Bagwan formerly known as a mere mortal…. or something real profound… for my brother who only earned 2 purple hearts in VIET NAM …….. itaque etc…etc….ibid ibid ibid

  • Gerald

    A wise man once told me…”If your not sure if your the smartest person in the room…Its better to keep your mouth shut than to open it ,,,,,,,and remove all doubt”…..Former Bonzer rider..with a keen eye on the Russ Short- as my B-Day is in August …..I’m curious about the pyramid logo…perhaps we will go back even further then the Nazorean, previously mentioned and Return to an Egyptian time of Maat or Ma ‘at -truth, balance, law and order….Basics……….like History & Surfing….G

  • Patrick Lawrence

    Thank You for Your Great Inputs MR. Gerald and Mrs. Michael Moriarty. I am Sorry I don’t have A “Permalunk” like you does. Jacob is one of the greatest surfers I have seen in person lately. But Then Again I haven’t Gone Surfing since 08-03-2011. peace

  • Patrick Lawrence

    My Friend “Jim” will ride my 9’10” 5 fin Bonzer on Sunday 08-07-2011 at Jacob’s Beach. “Jim” is a new arrival from Korea. I trust that all will show him much peace. Jim plans to be there early. I will be at “work” that day.


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