Peace 2011 – Getting Down To Brass Tacks

These are not peaceful times, and I have become increasingly concerned that we are becoming desensitized, and stepping into a suicidal sleepwalk. It is time to snap out of it. True states of peace are not attained by being passive and conciliatory. This holds true for individuals as well as societies. The attainment of peace requires action; in some cases noisy action, and even outrage. Rage…Peace? How does this compute? Remember that carpenter cat that knocked over the money changer’s table in the temple? It makes sense if the foundation of rage is love; love for our fellow man and of all living things.

There is an aggressive attack on the poor and middle class in progress. The manufacturing base in our country has been dismantled. A December 28th report shows that in 2010 US corporations produced 1.4 million jobs overseas, as compared to 1 million domestically. The financial industry, with the help of our government, has essentially looted the US Treasury free of charge. No one has been held responsible, and no enforceable requirements have been put in place for the banks to kick down some help to the millions of people who have homes in foreclosure. The unprecedented bail out of Wall Street has precipitated a massive redistribution of wealth upwards to a tiny percent of people at the top of the economic pyramid.  The privatization of Social Security and reductions in Medicare are in the cross hairs. Skyrocketing fees for college and diminishing funds for K-12 are in full swing. It’s time for some noise.

The reduction of civil liberties, loss of Habeas Corpus, and protection from warrantless wiretaps continue under the present administration, and with the incoming Senate and House of Representatives, the near future is not looking bright. Let’s make some noise.

We are still involved in two wars. The war in Afghanistan alone is costing $6,000,000,000 a month. Just think about it, nine years in Afghanistan, seven plus in Iraq, and for what, an amorphous ‘war on terror’? In actuality, the terror is the fallout and the collateral damage caused by these wars. Terror is the devastation experienced by the families who have lost loved ones, the thousands of soldiers coming home and having to deal with life altering physical injuries, and PTSD. Data for Jan.-Nov., 2009 showed that 18 veterans a day committed suicide, 147 of them were on active duty. I am sure that the numbers for 2010 are similar. This is terrifying. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the pain and terror that these wars are inflicting on the innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan. Think about it, think about it; almost a decade of this. It is insane. A recent poll showed that 60 percent of us believe that the war in Afghanistan has not been worth fighting, but where’s the noise and the action to stop it?

Then there is the issue that overshadows everything, the climate. Call it what you will, global warming, climate change, or whatever. The fact is that if we don’t get serious in a hurry the peace and security of millions upon millions around the world will be impacted. If you are not feeling the urgency of the moment, do your home work. There is more than enough credible information available, and for god sakes do not rely on the corporate media. Go to the likes of <>, Robert Hansen, Bill McKibben at <>, and other experts in the field. In order to make dramatic progress on the climate front it will require governments around the world to get on board and work together. At the moment our government is dragging its feet. They are saying childish things like ‘we won’t agree to do this unless you do that’. We need to make strong moves and join the countries that are pressing forward, and show those that aren’t that we are serious. Then they will join in. Our elected representatives and the corporate clowns say, “they don’t want to hurt the economy.” Well, if we don’t get with it, the only economy that will be left is a Stone Age economy. Do we really want our grand kid’s generation looking back and saying, “why didn’t they do something”?  It’s time for some loud, focused and productive noise.

Justice is at the heart of the changes required to bring about peace on a societal level. The primary dictionary definition of justice is:

n. the quality of conforming to principals of reason, to generally accepted standards of right and wrong, and to the stated terms of laws, rules, agreements, etc., in matters affecting persons who could be wronged or unduly favored.

It looks to me like we have some work to do.

Martin Luther King said, “ Peace is more important than all justice; and peace was not made for the sake of justice, but justice for the sake of peace.”

The manifestation of Peace is up to those who deeply desire it. “Now is the time to create a period of dangerous unselfishness. We must go beyond being compassionate by proxy.” I can’t recall who said it, but, I’m all in.

Peace, Love and Light,

Malcolm, Duncan and the whole Campbell Clan

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  • Ivan

    Hey Malcolm and Duncan, I am glad we are on the same ‘wavelength’. I started picking up insights on these issues in 1984 when my mate was reading Orwell’s “1984” as a set work for English at school. It was clear that Humanity was paddling into the impact zone of a rapidly approaching tidal wave of chaos and misery. Our ‘Life’ as we have known it is being ripped from grasp at every turn eventually we will not be able to identify with anything ouside ourselves, yet, we all have an internal reference that’ll guide us through this inevitable life altering ‘hold-down’. “Peace” as they say, “is an inside job.” Our world manifests our individual and collective consciouness.

    Ask yourself when was the last time you paddled out into a line up that wasn’t polluted by negative ego, greed and simmering anger. It is the very reason I stopped surfing, or at least surfing with other people. Surfing for me has become a spiritual activity akin to prayer or meditation. When I surf I understand that I connect through one of the greatest super conductors with every shore on the planet. What I think and how I feel matters to everything and everyone everywhere.

    Surfers are blessed with a gift and an insight into this world that non-surfers can’t hope to understand. As a race of ‘mankind’ we are positioned to shift consciouness by participating in an activity which should bring joy, love and peace to this world.

    When was the last time we did a raincheck on the negative energy we sluiced off into the ocean during one of our sessions. When was the last time we returned or shared the love and reverence that was given to us with the frustrated and demanding people in our lives.

    Think about it, individually we may not be able to fix the economy or bring the the soldiers home, but we can touch someone who can. We are all connected, we are all one and we are all love. We experience this when we surf that’s why we love to do it.

    Aloha and Mahalo
    from SA

  • Billy K.

    That carpenter cat flipping over the money tables in the temple some 2000 plus years back was doing so because the temple was ment to be used for something else entirely. But, much like todays political ideals that start with some good intent but are soon hijacked, the temple was turned into a a den of money changing rip offs , instead of being used for its original intent. It is my contention that the problems we face as a country and as all of humanity can be pinned back to the beginning of time to a single culprit. Greed. We all have it , some more than others. Add power to the greed and you have the ingredients for war, famine, and all injustices throughout time and for time to come. We need to be the change that affects the poisoning of man kind and the earth given us. Harkin back to that carpenter cat. He lived life as the purest example of love. He was shalom. If we could live our lives as he did. If we could be as he was , then we would be making a noise that would be deafening.

  • warmjet

    as always.
    very well written.
    i echo your feelings.
    especially the desensitizing.
    the sleepwalk.
    thank you for putting it all down to pass on.

  • rotate90

    As an ex-pat California surfer living in NZ since 9/11, I’ve watched my country of origin change in frightening ways. When I do visit, I’m alarmed by how complacent many of my old friends (who I would have counted as political radicals) have become about the political climate, the fraud that is market capitalism, and the wars abroad and at home—issues that, as Malcolm articulates so well, are all interconnected. I’m reminded of how if you start boiling the frog (or lobster) in cold water, it won’t struggle even as its immediate environment becomes intolerable. By contrast, when I’m back in Southern California, I feel like I’ve been thrown straight into a pot that’s near boil, but the lobsters around me aren’t leaping—and I’m just ranting and overreacting again. Malcolm’s remarks about the complimentary nature of love and rage resonate powerfully for me. Anger is an expression of care, but it is also like a boomerang that needs to be carefully managed and directed or it will destroy us. Just look at how the right wing in American misdirects the rage of the very working class people its policies victimize to see how Orwell’s 1984 might still be a date in the (near) future.

    I’m really moved by Ivan’s observations in terms of how our responsibilities as sentient beings and global citizens connect to our role as surfers. It’s sad to think that the same forces that are alienating people from societal and political involvement are driving older surfers out of the line-up. But going into my mid-40’s, I feel it myself, and unfortunately it’s a global problem. Surfing is at risk of becoming something ugly and devoid of mindfulness. I’ve even come to cringe when I hear words like “killing it” and “ripping” applied to wave riding, which like Ivan, I regard as a sacrament and meditative activity. I often seek out less crowded and lesser quality waves because I don’t want to share the energy field that too many surfers bring to the ocean. Jumping threads here for a moment, I’ve often wondered if there is a relationship between the “thruster,” the popularization/corporatization of surfing that accompanied its rise, and violence/aggression in and out of the water. I know this might be a stretch, but I think that it’s telling that the two types of boards I enjoy riding most: bonzers and hulls, both of which respond to finesse over aggression, are omitted from Warshaw’s “history.” The philosopher/historian Michel Foucault wrote that history is always “the history of the present,” meaning that its distortions and omissions reveal less about the past than the biases and mind blocks inherent in our own contemporary consciousness.

    Thank you to Malcolm for being a living counterexample to the notion that surfing and intellectual awareness are antithetical.

    K Fisher

  • Jared A Muscat

    Incredibly well said sir. Couldn’t have said it better if I had tried. I am currently in my 4th year at UCSD, just about to graduate, and in my 4 years here the tuition has risen 72%…that’s right SEVENTY-FUCKIN-TWO PERCENT…whilst they have cut the budget to the point that last quarter I had to take 22 units so that I wouldn’t have to stay an extra year since they only run necessary classes once a year. The government is no longer controlled by politicians or citizens, it is run by big oil and big money lobbyists who have no interest in anything besides getting richer so they can hire more hookers. I just met with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom who told me there are more lobbyists in Sacramento than there are citizens…how’s that for a government?

    Someone needs to kick the Supreme Court for saying that corporations have the same rights as an individual, and communities need to start getting together in order to make their voices better heard and their resources self-made. We simply cannot live as we have been living or all will fall apart in such a drastic way.

    I am a part of a lot of youth movements surrounding these issues, I suggest you all check them out…we have gotten some great things accomplished and are only looking to do more.
    The California Student Sustainability Coalition:

    Keep it in passionate discourse…it’s our only hope.

  • Christian

    Here here…

    That is some truth. There are people sticking up for truth around here, of course it is a varied and disjuncted effort of those who care about this and those who care about that etc.

    It is unerving though to see people getting some serious penalties for sticking up for their conscience. For example: People who protest the School of Americas (SOA-insurgent training school used in all of the United States initiatives in Latin America from installment of dictators like Pinochet and Noriega to then deposing them decades later when no longer convenient) in Fort Benning, Georgia get thrown in jail for Illegal Assembly or some nonsense. 90% of them were on public land during the last protest and therefore it was their right to asseble there if they pleased. But a bunch of them still got thrown in the clapper. Some got time, and some were cleared later; but who has the money to hire a defense lawyer once a year?

    I understand why people are letting the pot get hoter and hoter (as our now Kiwi friend says). I look around stupefied for a good move, but all I see are some potential lawer bills, bruises, and broken bones (if I’m lucky). I already get hassled by the cops for having curly hair and a darker complexion; seriously, I was illegally detained for fourty minutes once on those very grounds. I learned my rights later.

    It may be cowardly, but I am leaning towards expatriation.

  • peterg

    tho the economy and the middle classes/lower classes (economically speaking) in amerika are suffering, the wealthy are prospering. this is due to the proliferation of global multinational corporations. an example of this is the stock market, which recently went over 12000 points, while unemployment is still over 9%. the real war today is between national governments and multinational corporations as to who will be in charge of our world. tho governments are not much, they still must react to the demands of the citizens. see the recent strife in the middle east as citizens of countries such as egypt have determined that they have had enough of this shit. if nations take no actions to protect the status of the middle class/working class citizens, then corporatization will reduce all nations to 3rd world status. free trade agreements do nothing to protect the american middle/working class. instead of a rising tide of economic success globally lifting all ships, the corporation’s emphasis on their bottom line and their sociopathic allegiance only to themselves, results in a lowering tide grounding all ships at the economic level of the third world economies who’s products flood our markets.

    if we do not stand up for ourselves, who will?

  • Buzzy Kneubuhl

    Hey bros. we was lucky to grow up in the 60’s when surf was good and men was men[ according to archie bunker]; now get so much pipikia[trouble] all over the world and at home; really sad!!! bottom line is greed; money, power, control; best thing we can do is free ourselves from this condition and be a beacon for others; kinda like mini Jesuses; I’m not religious so don’t shut down on me; but I definately am a soldier of light; still surfing and making surfcraft at the young age of 65 ; so be an inspiration to others in the midst of all this chaos and war; get in the water as much as possible and keep building and riding progressive surfcraft…..Aloha….a hui hou from Pukalani,Maui

  • Jeff Lewis

    Isn’t that ironic that you are bitching about the evil corporations, oil companies, capitalism,global warming,Republicans etc.. when you make a living selling surfboards (capitalism) which are petroleum based with the components being manufactured and sold by large corporations in a free market that was established and maintained (to some degree) by capitalists. Dude, the 60’s are over thankfully. Why don’t you focus your misguided anger towards the idiot who now occupies the White House and is spending our country into the poor house. Oh yeah, he just started another WAR. but that is OK right because he is on your side of the aisle and you have convinced yourself that this WAR is somehow different than the WAR(s) in Iraq and AFG. All that peace and love is great in theory unless of course there is a large portion of of a “peaceful” religion out there that wants to cut your head off.

    Another ironic tidbit, you claim to “anti-establishment” for the “small guy”, the middle class guy, the working guy yet you vote for and support these idiots in government that say all the same things but in reality only care about growing the size of government and the power of the government over the people in the name of saving the planet or punishing those evil corporations or protecting the little guy. The larger the government the smaller the individual. Henry David Thoreau put it best, “That government is best that governs least” Anyway, I have one of your boards and it goes great. How can I get another one?

  • rotate90

    Hey Jeff,

    If you’re reply was an April Fools joke, then you got me. If not, I’d remind you that Malcolm said nothing about supporting Obama. So I think you’re making a few assumptions here. Besides many of us on the left are pretty disappointed with the way Obama has broken some of his key election promises (closing Gitmo for one), expanded Bush’s wars (and started one of his own), and provided a major bailout for the banking system that got us into the current financial mess. But if you want to talk partisan politics, do you realize that Bush expanded the size of government far beyond anything this country has ever seen, including the homeland security apparatus that routinely violates our civil rights? The only areas of government he didn’t enlarge are those that should have been overseeing corporate monopolies. To equate unchecked market capitalism with grass-roots surfboard manufacture is a bit absurd. But then again, I realize that your views echo those of many Americans. The genius of the right wing in this country is that they’ve managed to convince so many average American citizens that they’re acting in the best interest of the “little guy.” But unless you occupy the top one percentile of all wage earners, that’s a delusion.

  • Michael Moriarty

    I couldn’t help but comment here… one f the most striking aspects of the current USA social landscape is the striking inability of many people to realize what their own self interests are. Many operate at a near delusional level… for instance…

    During the Bush administration a great many of the regulatory agencies were gutted… The SEC (which was supposed to be regulating the financial industry) was reduced to going to Kinko’s to make photo copies (See the book “the Wrecking Crew”)… because they did not have enough in their budget for one in the office. This was done to food safety, drugs (two step testing instead of three) and many other areas.

    So, after the disaster we have just seen, fostered by… get this… non/mal- regulation… the answer is, in many people’s opinion, to DO MORE OF THE SAME (!!!?)… this is a clear inability to deal with reality. The conservative media has the American public parroting the idea that less governance is better, when that is what got us to where we are. “The government can’t do anything well…” True, if you don’t fund or staff them.

    … and who would benefit from decreased regulation at this point, where so few companies and individuals control massive amounts of the economy? That’s right… the big guys… the top 3% who got 14% of the income in 1990, 18% in 2000 and 23% in 2010. Yet North Americans persist in thinking they can deregulate when the playing field is so tilted. Understand… this is a monopoly economy, controlled by very few (See “Trends in the Distribution of Wealth, Private sector, Robert Lampman. 70% of assets controlled by 1.2 % of population)… not a free wheeling “free market.”

    Even business Guru’s like Drucker will tell you that the purpose of government is to make human the machine that is a corporation and the double entry accounting system. To ignore the heartless, mechanical nature of that beast is to ignore your own interests. The failure of so many Americans to realize this is a major part of why I have left my home in Hawaii (grew up 3 houses from your wife Buzzy Kneubuhl), to live in the Philippines, after trying for so many years to deal with the totally illegal and imperialistic takeover of Hawaii, a democracy that had done nothing to America, by the USA… under force of arms and in violation of the constitution of the United States and the Charter of the United Nations.


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