BACK TO BRITAIN June 20th, 2011

BACK TO BRITAIN June 20th, 2011

A Hot Rod, boards and beer

After a successful and enjoyable April at UWL Surfboards in France and Manila Surfboard Designs in Portugal, it is on to England in June. The Campbell Brothers Nerve Center will again be set up at Nigel Semmens’ Ocean Magic Factory in Newquay, Cornwall. Nigel and the boys have been kind enough to have us back, and deal with all those bloody ‘extra fins’. Guy and I look forward to putting together another batch of ‘Bonzer Beauties’ and continuing to celebrate the 40th year of this crazy fin filled escapade. And to top it off I will get to cruise around Bournemouth with Lord Penwarden in his Hot Rod.

The shaping schedule, ie, my lock down time, will be June 20th to the 30th, give or take a day. I am allowed small meals, and a daily reward of one and a half pints; my preferred limit. This causes a slight logistical problem, as it is a bit unseemly for a grown man to be seen drinking a “cheeky half”. So in order to protect my reputation, and his, Guy quickly pours ‘the half’ into my existing pint glass before anyone can notice.

In all seriousness, which rarely happens in England; Duncan and I do cherish the opportunity to make Bonzers in countries other than our own, and send a hearty thanks to all of you who are making this years visit possible.

For information and ordering, contact Guy Penwarden at [email protected]

Malcolm and Duncan

Bonzer Central, Ocean Magic Factory

CB Nerve Center

Day’s reward

“Back in the room, you”

Guy Penwarden’s Hod Rod


New Product - Campbell Bros. Kitchen Sponge!


Bonzer Times in England



Campbell Brothers Surfboards

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