Hangs Upon Nothing

Hangs Upon Nothing

Daniel And Mikala Jones have put in a lot of quality time on the Bonzers over the last few years demonstrating the potential of the boards.  They also have been very generous in sharing images with us, both video and stills.  A 16mm film by Jeremy Rumas called Hangs Upon Nothing which features some Bonzer surfing is currently in production. We are looking forward to not only that footage but the entire film itself which promises to be a project of very high quality. We encourage everyone to check the film out when it begins showing sometime next year. You can watch the teaser trailer below…

Hangs Upon Nothing – teaser from Jeremy Rumas on Vimeo.

Jeremy’s blog for the film can be found HERE.


Bonzer Times in England


The Surf Hostel - Bonzer Central in Morocco

  • Ben Apps

    When does this come out as the bonzers are some of the best boards Ive ever ridden

    December 11, 2011
  • poo


    December 18, 2011


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