Australia 2012

The 5th decade of the Bonzer is kicking off in the land from whence it’s name originates. We are teaming up with Rhino Laminating in Manly Vale, Sydney. Rhino does top flight work, and has Bonzer experience under their belt. They glassed the boards we built with Luke Short a few years ago, and have glassed many of the Bonzers that Luke has shaped for us since I was there last.

I will be shaping at Rhino from Feb. 12th to the 27th.  Then I’m off to Perth to shape for a few days at the invitation of Chris Burke of Design Collective.

For information and ordering boards contact Juan Twycross at Rhino Laminating:
Phone: 02 9949 8277, Cell Phone: 0422 523 762

In Western Australia contact Chris Burke – [email protected]

In Victoria, Zak Surfboards in Thornbury, Melbourne has placed an order with Rhino. For information about their order, or to order a custom, contact them at <[email protected]>, or by phone, 03 9416 7384

Malcolm and Duncan

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  • Pat Lawrence

    When Will You Return To Ventura County? I will Order a Board Soon From Ventura Surf Shop so Maybe it could Be Shaped by Jacob Or Malcolm! A New EGG Would Be GREAT


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