Jacob Campbell Interview

Jacob Campbell Interview

Check out a nice interview Ken over at Things Is Cool conducted with Jacob regarding his recent Bonzer-inspired art show at Café Haleiwa. Below is an excerpt as well as the title image for the show.

    Things Is Cool: Why Café Haleiwa?

    Jacob Campbell: It’s been an outstanding offer that I do a show at the family’s Café. I’ve wanted to see more surfing on the walls in here. I remember coming in as a kid, years ago, and seeing all of the older Bonzer imagery. So, to also commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Bonzer surfboard design, I wanted to create some artwork that was related to my dad and Duncan’s visual history, in a sense.

    T.I.C.: Well, since you brought it up… When I mentioned to our friend, and a longtime Bonzer devotee, Tino Ramirez, that you and I were going to be discussing your show, he kind of half-jokingly told me to ask whether you considered this “surf art.”

    J.C.: Yeah, I’d say it is, but it’s almost in reaction against what is popularly considered surf art.

    T.I.C.: Which is…?

    J.C.: You know, the very groovy, you-know-it-when-you-see-it, flowy, pastel-y, everything’s cool, surfing art, which has a nice look and I appreciate it; a lot of it’s done really well. But I wanted to try and create some drawings that were starkly opposed to that kind of look and feel.

Read the whole interview HERE


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  • James

    Great interview. Any plans to exhibit this show in California in the future?

    December 1, 2012
  • Kevin

    Very interesting work and interview. I’ve always thought “surf art” is art about art, which means it’s a challenging form. How do you capture it?
    A very original take on a genre. Thanks Jacob

    December 18, 2012
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