Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

I am taking a hiatus from shaping during December. I need to reassess, reorganize (some would say organize period), and hopefully recharge for the next phase of the Bonzer Project. My concern is that I spend these coming years fully engaged with the dynamic elements required to produce my best work. Duncan and I have never taken the Bonzer Project lightly, with a ‘going through the motions’ mentality. I’ve been shaping 44 years and in order to remain fully energized it will require an adjustment in strategy. That will be this months task, as well as catching up on things left in the wake of my ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ M.O.

The Bonzer 5 will turn 30 this year, and still has some frontiers to cross. Its full potential has not nearly been realized. The fact remains that very few top level surfers and shapers have seriously experimented with it. Only time will tell if this will change. In the mean time I’ll remain behind the curtain and attempt to improve my shaping. The ‘work’ is what is important. For Duncan and I the Bonzer is an assignment for a lifetime, and we intend to play it out. Many thanks to all of you who have, and continue to enjoy the Bonzer Ride.

Peace and Love to all for the Holidays and beyond,

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  • Jon Kitamura

    Malcolm, thank you for all the hard work and the beautiful boards. I am stoked and blessed to be able to enjoy some of the fruits of your lifetime of labor. High lines and low lines and bonzer drive. Gratitude.

  • Tim Garrow

    I echo Jon’s sentiments. I’ve been surfing your boards since 73′ (not including a long semi-retirement), nearly all of them bonzers, and they have been transformational in my life. I can’t imagine how my life would have been to this point without the bonzer stoke that has permeated my life. See you soon! Tim

  • Brandon Cruz

    M & D,
    Thanks for all of the inspiration over the years. The influence you both still have on our local areas surfing is a true testament to the innovative, creative, and stoke filled experience that a Bonzer brings. I tried a lot of other boards. This year, I have an all Bonzer quiver, spanning just about every shape, model, and fin configuration that you make. At 50, I’m more happy with my surfing than ever before.
    Thanks for keeping me mindfull,

  • Juan Twycross

    Hey Malcolm , sorry for working you to the bone whilst here in oz this year! You are an amazing person and your boards that you and d have come up with are something so special in this industry today. Recharge and redefine and keep me in the loop and look forward to working together in whatever direction you go.

  • chris

    Howdy Malcolm

    I hope all goes well for the upcoming break from your all consuming shaping world as judging from your trip here earlier in the year you are in desperate need of a well earned break!!

    I look forward to helping where I can & to keep spreading the Bonzer word here in Western Australia & beyond.

    Merry Christmas to you & your family.


    Chris Burke

  • Kevin Fisher


    Kia Ora from NZ. Thanks for the many great boards over the last decade. Best wishes for a recharge in the new year. I can’t wait to see where you take the designs next. I’ll have my orders ready! Maybe catch you when I’m back in CA in June/July 2013.

    All the best,


  • Brett Wellington

    As someone who’s been on hiatus for a bit now, I can only wish you all the love and support you need to hit the ‘sacred fifth gear’ again. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the gift that has been the Bonzer experience: the Bonzer community, your mentorship, the friendship of you, Duncan, your families and the sacrifices you have all made to create the magic that is the Bonzer. The day I met you in 1995 was not only a pivotal point in my surfing, but in my life as well. The art that is shaping Bonzers has so enriched the lives of so many, but your humility, generosity and dedication to a life’s work is truly inspiring. I hope we get to surf together soon!

    Be well,

  • Peter Stanley

    Pressure makes diamonds!

    The 6’8″egg shape diamond tail you made for me shines brightest in the quiver Malcolm. I’m honored to still ride it.

    Forever thankful,


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