PEACE 2013

I tried to give it a go last year, but just wasn’t able to pull together the 2012 rant. I was too angry about much of what was going on to put anything constructive together. I’ve simmered down enough this year to at least string a few thoughts together.

“What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?”  Nothing, absolutely nothing at  all.  I used to pray for peace. Now I demand it, or at least I insist that it seriously be considered. We seem to be living in an age in which we are addicted to having enemies. We have them abroad as well as here at home. Here’s a thought. “When we all do better, we all do better.” This seems a bit trite at first, but take a couple of minutes and contemplate it.

If you extrapolate this idea from the micro to the macro, the domestic to the global, you will find that it is quite a multidimensional concept. What  is an economy for? Are we to serve it, or is it to serve our society as a whole? What if we weren’t spending billions of dollars a month on foreign wars, occupations and weapons development? What if we stopped defunding arts, music, and physical education programs in K-12 schools?  How about halting the movement to cut teachers’ salaries and the drive to privatize our education system?  What if we weren’t shackling our young people with enormous student debt? This debt now surpasses the total credit card debt of the entire US. What if our health care and health insurance industries were not driving people to the poorhouse? Then there are the issues of the bank bailouts and home foreclosures, our condoning and practice of torture (see the Bradley Manning case) and the big magilla of climate change, along with the need to develop a greener economy. I’ll pull up the flaps and stop there. The point is that if we thoughtfully examine the basic premise upon which we are organizing our society, it becomes clearly apparent that we are in need of major changes.

The problem is that we lack the collective will, knowledge and compassion to take focused action. The consciousness of peace is essential to this process of change. Within this mindful field of energy there is wisdom and open ended thought beyond the lower forms of judgment. We have to have the courage to  entertain challenging ideas; ideas that we may never have considered before. A close look at the system shows that it is rigged, and not in our favor. Are we going to just stare at the back of the person in front of us and blindly march to the tune of the corporations and bought off political ‘leaders’, or are we going to open our minds and take a stand?

Jonathan Kozal, one of our foremost thinkers on education, says, “superb education is the root of change in society”. One doesn’t have to think too conspiratorially to see that the direction of our educational system is headed to a narrowing of parameters, with the intent of training worker bees. This is especially true in the lower income areas of our country. Superb education that produces creative individual thinkers, is not beneficial to the corporate idea of an orderly society. Fundamental to an invigorated educational process is the need to decouple political ideology from facts. Facts, by their nature, are not political in and of themselves. We are now at a time in our culture when almost everything is politicized. This has created an environment in which truth and objectivity are moving targets. Everything is not relative, and every one’s opinion is not equal. Some viewpoints are actually more informed that others. The mantra of “that’s just your opinion”, is indicative of a climate in which outright lying is just shrugged off.

It’s time to take fate by the throat and remove ourselves from the false narratives of ‘us verses them’, ‘we’re all on our own’, and the big daddy of them all, American Exceptionalism. There is much to be said about this, but basically we must realize that from the individual to the geopolitical, we are all in this together. We need to get with the program and give it a serious go. What can it hurt? Heck, I’ll bet we even make quite a few friends along the way.

I’d like to send us forth into 2013 with some inspiring words and energy via  Cornel West (1:02:15 to 1:18:28). He is one of the premier intellectuals, and social thinkers of our time. His writings and speeches are well worth looking into. He’s got the street cred to tell it like it is. Please have a listen. The winds of change are upon us.

Peace, Love, and Light,
The Campbell Clan

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  • Rylan Swift

    I have been reading a book by this man named Jacque Fresco called The Best That Money Can’t Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty, and War. It essentially outlines a design for the future, that denounces the inhumanities of the monetary system, and that utilizes science and technology for the overall benefit of the human race. He touches on everything from machine intelligence, clean sources of energy, changing human nature (eliminating the feeling of scarcity), and future possibilities.

    I haven’t finished it yet but it is quite inspiring and hearing similar thoughts from a hometown hero is refreshing.

    This is the initial interview I watched/listened to that inspired me to purchase his book and it has helped me make a daily effort to widen my worldview and consciously think about my actions and how they affect myself and the people around me.

    Thank you for providing your insight and I’m going to definitely check out more Cornel West.


    Rylan Swift

    ps. Thanks for all the great boards! I still have my first custom 5’7″, it’s 10years old doesn’t float me, but I’m keeping it forever.

  • Glenn

    Thank you for sharing from your wellspring of sanity. Making peace the foundation of our thoughts and deeds is the only way. I struggle with it every day in this life, but your words and presence in this world are a big help. The boards help too. Thanks again. Be well.

  • Patrick Lawrence

    You and your family are very well respected and loved by one and all for what you teach and practice. The pro surfers, and all levels of Lovers, dance on your vehicles. I pledge to share my Bonzers with young folk such as Ryland Smith if they ask for me at Bonzer Surf Shops such as in Ventura.

  • Rugzi

    Yep, peace can only come from education. Each man must educate himself
    At school, we are mostly taught what to think, not ‘how to think’.
    If every child was taught the benefits of self and mind control, breathing, relaxation, healthy living, Positive living and a positive life Philosophy and contribution do we not think we would have a different society.
    Man needs sheep to feed his ego!!! The Internet revolution will change things,
    But good change will only come if the next generation have the tools ‘within themselves
    To do so. Until then we will always see rebellion rather than union.
    Until then food for thaught, Bob Marley, Redemption song!

  • fico bolivar

    Greetings Malcolm,
    Thank you for posting your thoughts on such important matters! Peace is the cornerstone of a successful life. I would humbly add that it first starts with us as individuals. We are our own worst enemies without even being aware of it! Wrong patterns of thought, emotions, food choices, etc. The worst is our own reluctance to change our dear habits for fear of the unknown. We are only willing to change when our own life is negatively affected. If we are willing to step out of our comfort level to and help those in need will things change, but it starts by experiencing what peace & love truly are in our lives, that by our example others will be attracted to following our experiments. These experiments require doing /thinking in totally different ways we are accustomed. Therein lies the conundrum; are we willing to try? It is difficult, but in my experience, is the only way to true happiness.

    By the way, love the octafish vehicle I ride! Such a joy to surf it in here in PR.


  • Stanton Gene Kawaihinano Otero

    Thank You Mr. Campbell…a much needed perspective…certainly re-directed my frustration and sense of “WTF do we do now”…again, thank you.

    Also, as a side note, Mahalo Nui to you and your brother for continuing to shape some of the most awesome surfboards shaped in the history of surfing.



  • Christian

    I think about the same things every day. I don’t know when our country lost it’s mind, but it is pretty clear that we are heading backwards. It is strange that there is a whole chunk of society that consistently votes against its own interest. The reason is fear. Without fear the rhetoric just seems like a flimsy stack of cards. Sometimes I wonder if the US should be split into different and smaller countries; but that is unconstitutional. Living in the Dominican Republic I meet a lot of Europeans, and Canadians and talk about our corresponding countries systems (education, health care, society in general) and the consensus is that our (US) values are in contrast to progress (as they are politically represented).

    I remember once when I lived in Florida that there was a bill that some representative had stuck onto another that would run the public commuter rail further north (which would be very useful since then many of us would not have to drive to the airport anymore). We all enthusiastically voted for it, he passed his bill, and never bothered to have the commuter rail extended. I was young, and a sucker. But that seems criminally misleading, no? I think Nixon set the standard that has become adopted without question by politicians (self serving as it is) that they are above the law and can change it at their whims (and by the way, it is other politicians who decide what to do with the offenders, and they generally choose amnesty because they don’t know when it will be their turn). Gerald Ford said ” I know I will go to hell because I pardoned Richard Nixon” (Quoted by Hunter S. Thomson so not sure if it is 100%)

    This is why, if I could help it I would never come back to the US. I love my friends and family, but if I have to be stuck in a corrupt system I would rather it be an incompetent corrupt system.

    I hope for peace someday, and I’m down for a facebook revolution anytime we can get it started.

    P.S Malcolm I love the egg you made me so much. I love it like a friend, and it has been a friend to me. I picked up a used step up in Ocean Beach about a month ago, so I won’t bother you anymore about finding me one (until the next time I can afford a new board!). Thanks for your work, it is your medium for expressing peace and I receive it.

  • claudio gil

    Hi Malcolm!

    I spend many time reading this email and wondering what to right about.
    For shoore i don´t know if i know the right words to right. One thing i do believe that if we stand wondering the world to change from a day to another,… nothing happen!
    Sometimes we collapse in our thougths and if that make you feell more comfortable i think that you make all of us (surfers) feell happy when ridding one of you boards!
    “Something that come in my mind i´ll teel you personal when you come to Manilla´s this year!”

    Like always, the best for you and family
    Claudio Gil

  • Kevin

    MC – Any thoughts on current ideas re. peace and attempts by White House to limit types and numbers of firearms legally available in our country, and persons who can legally possess such firearms?

  • benr

    Corruption is the root cause of our countries decline.
    Both sides are corrupt!
    He is owned by ToBigToFailBanks.
    Don’t believe me?
    Case in point: Mr. Obama’s choice of Mary Jo White to run the Securities and Exchange Commission. A federal prosecutor back in the Clinton years, Ms. White eventually spun through the revolving door onto the payroll of Wall Street law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, whose clients included Too Big To Fail banks JP Morgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and UBS AG, defending them in matters stemming from the financial crisis that began in 2008, as well as other companies that needed defending from allegations of financial misconduct, such as the giant HCA hospital chain (insider trading), General Electric (now a virtual hedge fund with cases before the SEC), and the German-based Siemens Corporation (federal bribery charges).

    Bribes kick backs endless payoffs and war are all we will get.

  • krjeters

    Having been raised by wolfs, going into the Military to escape one horror for an other, i have come to conclusion that short of a complete over throw of our current system, take a breath, relax.
    As Fckd up as you think it might be, it is, or not, you decide. Think about it, look at other world Governments, Mex, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea i can go on and on…..
    Trust me, we live in the best Country in the World, greed is everywhere, apathy is rampant. What can you handle? Eat shit like i have, work your way back from hell and get back to me.

    Like MC says,
    Peace, live it.

  • Kali

    I am inspired by the John Nash principle which states (forgive me if I can’t get it worded exactly) that the best decision – proven mathematically – is the one which benefits the most people including the self. I think that lends scientific weight to what you are talking about.

    On the other hand, I have seen so much happen and heard tales about behind-the-scenes dealing that are responsible for the current state of affairs that it seems pretty clear that the people making it worse have everything to lose and nothing to gain from positive changes thus they will fight them with all corrupt means at their disposal til their last breath.

    I believe that this simple truth combined with wisdom from world history leaves us with the clear answer that as much as we’d like to change this with idealism and peaceful means, that THEY will never be defeated with anything other than violence.

    Bonzers Forever!


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