– new tees and site

Our two new tees are a mash up of a few thought forms that have been at the heart of Campbell Brothers Surfboards for more than 40 years.


Most of the day
We were at the machinery
In the dark sheds
That the seasons ignore
I held the levers that guided the signals to the radio
But the words I receive, random code, broken fragments from before.

Eno, Moebius & Roedlius
‘After the Heat’

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  • Bruce Robb

    New t-shirt looks great but please consider reissuing the “join the five fin revolution” t-shirt with the picture of the fish on it.In my opinion one of the coolest shirts I have ever owned. To everyone involved with Malcomb and Duncan and their revolutionary designs have a happy and peaceful new year! Bruce Robb Sebastopol Ca.

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