BONZER “Be Mindful” TOUR

Be Mindful Tour '14

Malcolm is hitting the road again. This year’s tour will include shaping stints in Australia, France, England, and Portugal.

Things begin in Australia, March 13th to April 8th, where we will be continuing our collaboration with Rhino Laminating in Manly Vale. The guys at Rhino do top notch work, and have whole hardheartedly embraced the Bonzer project. Well….except for sometimes having too many Octafish and E-wings to work on. In all seriousness though; we are very grateful for their attention to detail in producing our boards

To begin the Australian visit, Malcolm, Rhino owner Juan Twycross, and possibly shaper Mike Psillakis, will be stopping in at Cooly Surf on March 15th, Torquay Surf on March 20th, and Mordy Surf on March 21st. Malcolm will be bringing along a short Bonzer Film put together Duncan Campbell. Check with the shops for details.

Australia – For information on ordering boards and other details, contact Juan Twycross at [email protected]

Spring and Summer schedule:
*France,  May 1st to May 18th at UWL Workshop. Contact Benoit at [email protected] for ordering and information.
*England, May 19th to June 3rd. Contact Guy Penwarden at [email protected] for details.
*Portugal, June 18th to around July 1st at MSD Surfboards. Contact Manila at [email protected]

We will be posting more info in the upcoming weeks about the Spring and Summer gigs.

Thanks and stay tuned,
Campbell Brothers Surfboards

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