UWL Workshop in France has graciously invited me back for another round of Bonzer shaping. I will be there from approximately March 4th to 18th.
For information and ordering contact <[email protected]>

Peace, Love, and Light for 2015 and beyond.

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  • Doug Mathis

    Have you given any thought to have a workshop shaping studio in Florida? With the high cost of shipping boards across the country getting a Bonzer here in Florida is very expensive. There are a few shapers here making Bonzer style boards. For the most part they get some things righ and others not so much. Of course there is also that element that say a Bonzer will not work in east Coast beach break waves.
    I do feel with some per event publicity It would be possible to line up a few per orders and get a glass shop to finish the boards.
    These are just some thoughts hat I hope you take in the spirit of spreading some Bonzer love.

    Doug Mathis


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