Here’s the online version of the recent article discussing our collaboration with Channel Islands.

What I had never considered until my surf on Parker’s board in Hawaii is that, despite its unusual appearance, the Bonzer may not 
actually be an “alternative” to high-performance surfcraft at all. In fact, it’s being used by surfers like Parker, Bobby Martinez, Yadin Nicol, and Dane Reynolds to achieve surprisingly high levels of performance. When Reynolds signed on as a test pilot for 2016’s “Stab in the Dark”—a video contest wherein 13 shapers create unmarked boards for a top professional to ride and review without any preconceived notions of who built them—Britt Merrick of Channel Islands and Malcolm Campbell shaped him a 
6’0″ x 19-1/8″ x 2-1/5″ Bonzer for the contest. Why? According to Merrick, “We just wanted to switch it up and build Dane something that would feel a lot different from all of the other entries.”

In the resulting video from the contest, Reynolds’ surfing on the Bonzer was smooth and quick down the line, with a lot of drive and projection, which makes perfect sense considering the theory behind the design.

While the Bonzer design has existed for decades, the recent collaboration between Merrick and Campbell is being produced on a larger scale than the Bonzers of yesteryear, making them more readily available to an entirely new generation of surfers. “It’s quite something to 
have our logo next to the CI logo,” Campbell 
says. “This model is the culmination of 30 years of work and it’s a chance to get the Bonzer out there to a larger group of people.”

The project is moving along great. We’re looking forward to rolling out a new CI/Bonzer model in the near future. Should be a hit 🙂



  • Tom

    I just put a bonzer center fin on my way too loose wave ski (kayak surfboard hybrid). I was amazed at the performance gained. I will be attempting to learn more about your designs. THANK YOU !!!!

  • Jim Williams

    I remember the bonzer from back in the day. Surfing 6’8″ bronzer diamond tail here on the Central Florida coast and just lovin it thanks Malcolm


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