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A nice article and video from Surfer Mag, with Britt Merrick breaking down the Bonzer 3D collaboration with Channel Islands.

“But nearly 50 years later, with both The Shelter and the Bonzer Biscuit five-fin models, Channel Islands–in collaboration with the Campbell brothers–seems to have successfully restarted the Bonzer revolution, introducing the board’s innovative design, and distinctive performance aspects to a new (perhaps more open-minded) generation of surfers. Now, with a new three-fin version, the Bonzer 3D, CI is going ever deeper into the Campbell brothers’ design well, revitalizing the original fin configuration through a collaboration between Dane Reynolds, Malcolm Campbell, and Britt Merrick.”


Australia 2018


Shaper Made

  • i have a 10ft 5in 5 fin multi color surfboard u made 20 years ago do u still make this type of board n do u have any used one for sale tkns

    July 2, 2018
    • ian

      Nothing used, but we can make whatever you’d like.

      December 11, 2018


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