POD 2018: Side A

POD 2018: Side A

Since it was too hard to contain all the favorite musics from the year onto one POD, we’re splitting it into 2 Sides. Side A is the jazz-ridden set featuring all walks of kismetic kineticism. Peace baby!

Download Side A HERE

1. Kamasi Washington ~ Show Us the Way

2. Angélique Kidjo ~ Born Under Punches

3. Kamaal Williams ~ High Roller

4. Nubya Garcia ~ When We Are

5. R+R-NOW ~ By Design

6. Cave ~ Shasha

7. Anteloper ~ Oryx

8. Kokoroko ~ Abusey Junction

9. Ezra Collective ~ Pure Shade

10. Benjamin Lamar Gay ~ Miss Nealie Burns

11. Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids ~ Tinoge


POD 26: Shaky Sense of Diction


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