Originally aired September 15th, 2020 on 97.3/107.9 The Rock, Estero Bay Community Radio!

Castanets ~ It’s Good To Touch You In The Sunlight
Broadcast ~ Unchanging Window
Aoife Nessa Frances ~ Blow Up
James Elkington ~ Ever-Roving Eye
Bill Orcutt ~ Judith Reconsidered

Waterless Hills ~ The Law of Hospitality
Sir Richard Bishop ~ The Coming of the Rats
Cul de Sac ~ Etaoin Shrdlu 

The Necks ~ Further

Otis G. Johnson ~ Walk with Jesus
Supreme Jubilees ~ It’ll All Be Over
Spiritual Harmonizers ~ God’s Love
Wayne & Thelma and the McAllister Singers ~ Peace When He Comes
Dwain Vinyard ~ Searching For the Truth

TENGGER ~ Achime
Aphrodite’s Child ~ The Four Horsemen
Popol Vuh ~ Wo bist Du?
Swans ~ Saved

Babe Rainbow ~ Something To Replace


s u b   s  c r i b e     t  h   r o  u g h  :


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