Aired 1/18/2021 on 97.3/107.9 The Rock in Morro Bay.

Captain Beefheart ~ My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
Captain Beefheart ~ Blabber ‘n Smoke
Captain Beefheart ~ Too Much Time
Captain Beefheart ~ White Jam
Captain Beefheart ~ Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles
Captain Beefheart ~ When It Blows Its Stacks
Captain Beefheart ~ Golden Birdies

Amen Dunes & Sleaford Mods ~ Feel Nothing
TV on the Radio ~ Keep Your Heart
Liars ~ No. 1 Against the Rush
Lower Dens ~ Young Republicans

Senyawa ~ Goodness Grows Off Soil
Alice Damon ~ Treetop Winds
Euphoria ~ The Road
Bobby Lee ~ Hevvy Friendz

Jeff Parker ~ Ugly Beauty
Bitchin Bajas ~ Island in the Sun
King Crimson ~ Steinberger Melody
Woo ~ Downtown Suburbia
Woo ~ It’s Cosy Inside

Wes Montgomery ~ Here’s That Rainy Day
Willem Breuker Kollektief ~ Parabasis
Charles Mingus ~ Group Dancers

Jaimie Branch ~ Nuevo Roquero Estéreo
Hedvig Mollestad ~ Winds Approaching
James Blood Ulmer ~ Love Dance

Henry Mancini ~ Poinciana
Joe Meek & The Blue Men ~ Bulblight
Flip & The Dateliners ~ My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around Anymore
The Cryin’ Shames ~ Please Stay
Jode ~ Tomorrow Is Gone
The Monzas ~ Forever Wals a Drifter

Fugazi ~ Recap Modotti
Lungfish ~ Sands of Time
Coriky ~ Woulda Coulda

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