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Aired 11/1/2022 on 97.3/107.9 The Rock in Morro Bay.

Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf ~ West of the Moon
Old Time Relijun ~ This Foundation Is Cracked
Grace Jones ~ Demolition Man
Experience Unlimited ~ Free Yourself
SEED Ensemble ~ Interplanetary Migration
The Verve ~ Butterfly
Dick Stusso ~ In Heaven
The Marvellos ~ Don’t Play With My Heart
Otis Redding ~ Rock Me Baby
Ben Vaughn / Alan Vega / Alex Chilton ~ Fat City
This Mortal Coil ~ The Last Ray
Dif Juz ~ Heset
New Order ~ Age of Consent
Disco Inferno ~ At The End of the Line
Fugazi ~ Closed Caption (demo)
Hugh Masekela ~ A Person Is a Sometime Thing
Sade ~ Every Word
Solange ~ Scales
Dam-Funk ~ I Mean Well
Sun Araw / M. Geddes Gengras / The Congos ~ Invocation
Travis & Fripp ~ Curious Liquids
Hans-Joachim Roedelius ~ Mein Freund Farouk
Manual ~ Tourmaline
Rachika Nayer ~ Sleepless
Studio ~ Indo
Szun Waves ~ In The Moon House
Blacks’ Myths ~ Redbone
The Ecstasy of Gold ~ Black Smoke White Sky
Polvo ~ Blues Is Loss
Fleetwood Mac ~ Without You
Charles Stepney ~ Denim Groove
Tino Contreras ~ Santo



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